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TMC 1.1 Install

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Installing a Split Second TMC 1.1
Date: 10/04/2004
By: SLC Punk (Travis Morishita)


Tools & Supplies
10 mm metric socket and ratchet
Philips-head screwdrivers
Electrical tape
Good wire cutter/Wire stripper/crimper

TMC 1.1 unit
2-wire splicers, 2-wire connectors
2 screws

The Split Second TMC 1.1 is a piggyback controller for the ECU that will retard the timing between 1500 and 3000 RPM.  This is designed for Toyota’s 3.4L engine to cure the “high gear, low RPM” pinging that the TRD Supercharger causes.  The amount of ignition retard is adjustable via a control knob located under the top cover.  The installation splices two of the wires into a power and ground.  The other two wires are used to override the crank sensor. The only drawback is that the TMC 1.1 retards the timing all the time, so depending on where your setting is, you may notice a loss in fuel economy. 

Credit: The majority of information I received came from  Gadget has a complete fuel and ignition package called the URD kit.  With this kit you can retard the ignition at certain times and increase your fuel to the engine.  This kit solves the “High Gear-Low RPM” problems and the high rpm lean out issues.  I am planning on buying his kit down the road, but for now my main concern is to control the ping issue.   Thanks Bob Kim (Bob_98SR5) for allowing me to use his format in this write-up.

To reiterate, I do not recommend you continuing unless you completely understand and dare to cut into your engine’s ecu wires.  If you do not have experience in 12V wiring, then you should not install this.  I will not take any responsibility or liability for failed ECU’s that have resulted from my write-up.

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Step 1: Disconnect Battery/Removing the Panels
First, open your hood and disconnect both the positive and negative terminals on your battery. Now you are ready to start.  Open your glove box and press in on the sides to get the glove box down. 

Remove the Glove box by pressing in on both sides.

Now, you are ready to remove the panel above the glove box.  This will allow you a clear shot at the engine’s ecu.  You will need a 10mm socket and a ratchet to remove this.  Remove the three bolts and set aside. 

Take the wire clip (“E” in picture below) out of the panel.  Now you can pull the panel down, when you do this, you will notice that there is a glove box light (“B” in picture below), and a square panel with a harness attached (“A” in picture below), and another harness on the top on the glove box panel (“D” in picture below).  Unplug the glove box light and remove the square panel by pushing it out of the glove box panel and unclip the final harness from the panel. 

Remove these two bolts

A: Wire harness. B: Glove Box light. C: Remove bolt. D: Wire harness. E: Wire clip

Remove harness panel by pressing down. Remove the glove box light harness.

Remove wire harness located on the right side of the glove box panel.

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