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Engine Mods

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TRD Supercharger, Deckplate Mod with AMSOIL Filter, TRD Transmission Cooler.

TRD Supercharger



Deckplate mod w/Amsoil air filter


TRD Transmission Cooler

TRD 160* Thermostat

Split Second TMC 1.1

The supercharger was one of my favorite modifications I have added to my 4Runner.  There is nothing better than adding 75 hp and 70 torque to your engine. 


The TRD Supercharger on the 3.4L V6 is known to make the engine run lean.  This will cause pinging.  Being in Salt Lake City (4500 ft above sea level) I only have this problem occasionally.  To help prevent pinging, I did the Free FMU mod that Gadget recommends. 


This mod is basically cutting a 4 inch hole in the front of your stock airbox.  The stock airbox has a tube that is routed above the tire, and behind the splash guard.  Its kind of a mini-snorkel, which is good for off-road but restrictive of on road use.  By cutting the hole, it allows air to flow easily into the engine. 
Once the hole was cut I added a deckplate (found at any marine shop) so if I take it off-road or need to close it up, i can just install the deckplate and it will be sealed.

If you have an automatic transmission and are supercharged or pull a trailer, I highly recommend installing a transmission cooler.  I decided to go with the TRD cooler, just because it has all of the mounting hardware made specially for the 4Runners.  I have heard that universal coolers are about half the price but I don't like how they are mounted using zip-ties.

I added the TRD thermostat to reduce the high-gear, low-rpm pinging.  I used a mixture of 60% water and 40% coolant with Redline's Water Wetter to help with the cooling.

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